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My Vision

To enrich and inspire through the learning of a musical instrument.

My aim is to develop students technical and musical abilities to the highest possible standards and to have as much fun along the way, playing the best music.

Most of all, I want to develop my students love of music.

The best way to get an idea of my teaching is to hear what my students have to say about me.

I received this from the parent of one of my students. Also below, are reviews from some of my students and parents which they placed on my Trademe ad at.........

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"Michael Goldwater is my son’s fourth teacher. We travel from Torbay on the North Shore, the traffic is awful but it’s worth it!

Michael is an excellent teacher, here's why..

He is extremely experienced, yet still has real passion and enthusiasm for what he does

He has meticulous attention to detail and is always able to provide ways to help students make improvements

His time keeping is immaculate, never a wasted minute - a very rare skill indeed amongst music tutors

He has an intuitive sense for what a student needs, sometimes this is intense detailed hard work, other times it’s a relaxed playing session

He builds a rapport with students without losing sight of his role as teacher and sees students as whole people who have lives beyond the lesson

He does not always play along with students but is always ready to play in order to support and model. Some teachers always play and drown everything, while others never play

He gives great feedback and feed forward, you always know your next steps and praise is not lavish but spot on and well earned.

He actually asks students what they want to do and he listens and takes action

His preparation for exams is outstanding, including a concert which really helped. My son achieved a very high Distinction in his Grade 3, his first exam, after less than six months with Michael

He has very high standards of himself in a number of ways including communication, attendance, organisation, provision of music, equipment and instruments. A true professional.

At the end of the year he holds a concert for his students to perform for parents, the standard is excellent and many of those who take grades achieve distinctions and achievement is celebrated.

My son always feels enthused and energised after the lesson, he plays a lot more at home and practices for enjoyment. He has gone from being a frustrated, mediocre player to one who loves to play and is realising his potential."


Reviews of Michael's teaching

I cannot imagine a better teacher than Michael Goldwater. His unique 'holistic' approach to teaching, his personally-tailored lessons, and his willingness to try out what the student really wants to do all puts him far above other saxophone teachers I've had experience with. I've been learning from him for 6 years, and there is absolutely nothing I would change. He's the best!

djhm  Wed 18 May

Michael is a brilliant teacher. Encouraging, fun and engaging, he has brought music to our home and an awareness of what is possible. Thank you for all that you have done for our boy. Who knew he'd love music as much as rugby?

annabelle21   Wed 17 Dec

Michael is a fantastic teacher. Not only are the lessons great fun, but he is very skilled at improving and fine tuning technique and in doing so enhancing our skill and ability. I would highly recommend him.

lift4   Tue 16 Dec

Quirky, talented and completely committed to extracting the best from you or your child! What more could you ask?To go from standard stuff to playing Bach in just one year has to be commended. Yes, my son played the instrument but (quoting) talent is just 'silver in the mine' without education. Thanks Michael for everything.

coliemore   Sun 14 Dec

As an older person, learning the saxophone was on my bucket list and I have now had 2 years of tuition from Michael. His teaching process is well structured and he is a very experienced teacher looking for the best in each pupil. I would recommend him as a teacher

mjsa    Fri 12 Dec

Great guy. Highly recommended.   Thu 09 Aug

My daughter first met Michael as a clarinet teacher through her school in yr 10, after 3 previous years of lessons and a mixed bag of teachers. She immediately appreciated and responded to his professional approach and the higher standard he expected. When he finished giving lessons through the school we sought him out as a private teacher, and she is still playing 1.and a half years later. What greater recommendation is that; for an adolescent to want to keep playing their instrument & take lessons!

melicope  Tue 05 Jul

Michael has taught our daughter the saxophone for a number of years now bringing her to a level she can now improvise. His lessons provide the 'just right' level of challenge and his belief in her ability shines through. As a teacher he is engaging, fun and inspires. If you want to and can commit to lessons. Go for it! You will not be disappointed. Top notch!

wheeler12   Thu 30 Jun


I've been taking saxophone lessons with Michael for seven years and have loved every lesson. I highly recommend becoming a student.

joeblogman Wed 29 Jun

My son learns the clarinet from Michael and really enjoys Michael's sense of humour. The lessons whizz by as the fun and encouraging approach Michael has helps him to cope with beginner's lip pain!

supersonic6   Sun 05 Jun

I am a 'senior' who loves music and came to the sax pretty late in life. Michael has made learning a pleasure and I never leave a session without a) learning something new and important and b) knowing exactly what to do next. There is a positive sense of constant progress and advancement in both technique and knowledge and yet Michael is always pleasant and relaxed. I am happy to recommend him to anyone.

niland   Wed 01 Jun

Michael has been teaching my eldest daughter the clarinet for 5 years and our youngest began the sax this year. I have found Michael to be a truly holistic teacher who understands children and works with their moods within the boundaries of a structered lesson. He likes to achieve the most possible out of the half hour lesson. My daughters have fun whilst been encouraged to develop their musical talents and feel pride in their achievements. Highly recommended.

honeylovebottom  Mon 23 May

Michael taught clarinet to our daughter for no less than 5 years. Michael pitches the lesson at the appropriate level and more importantly has the ability to make the time spent with his student interesting. This in itself gives a sense of worth and the student is keen to return each week for another lesson. In point of fact there simply isn't we believe a better Tutor who is as highly skilled in clarinet than Michael.We are also convinced that this would also apply to saxophone tutoring also.

wellaipilai   Fri 20 May

I first started learning clarinet from Michael whilst at high school and continued as an adult. It's a great test to Michael's gifts as a teacher that my originally awful technique was transformed. I now live overseas and my current teacher (a professional musician in London) has been impressed at the way I play - all thanks to Michael. With his broad range of musical and other interests there are always great and worthwhile tangents to lessons which add value to time spent with Michael.

ktkins   Fri 20 May

Great teacher. Flexible, knowledgeable. Not a frustrated soloist that has to teach to make ends meet but someone who genuinely wants to share his love of music and the instruments. Michael is also very good at tailoring his teaching to a wide spectrum of students.

doctorjohn Thu 19 May

As an adult student I have learned the clarinet with Michael for over 11 years and have enjoyed every moment. His very clear teaching methods and consistent good humour have allowed me to reach a standard of playing and level of understanding I would have thought impossible at the beginning.

jelliott1  Wed 18 May

I decided to take up the clarinet in my mid 60s having previously learnt other instruments. I was lucky to find Michael who really inspired and encouraged me. I always enjoyed my lessons which were stimulating and varied. Now, almost 10 years later, I play in a concert band (which I have done for several years) thanks to Michael's encouragement and teaching.

dmevans   Wed 18 May

My daughter has been learning clarinet with Michael for almost a year now, we switched from another teacher, and we are really pleased we did! He is incredibly patient and has a great sense of humour which my daughter really enjoys. He is also really thorough, making sure she is up to date with theory, note reading and knowledge about her instrument. A fabulous teacher!

spalt   Wed 18 May

I started with Michael a few years ago as an adult beginner, learning the sax. He is an extremely gifted teacher. He crafts each lesson, using music he knows you will love, and then he takes you one step further than you imagine you are capable of! Every lesson! Highly recommended. John W.

dogger3   Wed 18 May

I first started with Michael 11 years ago. He was recommended to me by my school to improve my playing for graded Bursary music performances. He's just the most incredible teacher. He makes lessons fun & always finds music he knows I like but still challenging enough that I learn something new each lesson. He knows how to get the most of his students and he is such a pleasure to learn from.

susanpetrie   Wed 18 May



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