Yamaha YAS 275 Alto Saxophone [Pre-Owned] - Student Model

  • $2,19500

The Yamaha YAS 275 Alto Saxophone is one of the best student instruments available.

Yamaha student saxophones are far superior than any other student instrument.

Yamaha are the only superior brand that makes a student model.

It is a durable and robust instrument, with a good tone, accurate tuning and great consistency over it's entire range.

Power-forged keys provide excellent durability while the refined tone hole dimensions and placement provide superior intonation.

It is the entry level sax preferred by students and teachers all over the world.

Yamaha student models are by far the best student instruments available.

New retail price of this model is $3295.


Student model - ideal for the beginner to intermediate player


Excellent Condition - Lacquer: Very good, some marking.  Body: Excellent   Pads: Excellent  Case: Excellent

Made in Japan


1 year


All Music Factory Instruments have been fully serviced

Money Back Guarantee - 7 Day right of return if not fully satisfied

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